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Teeth Grinding Guards

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Teeth Grinding Guards

In medical terms, the act of teeth grinding and jaw clenching is referred to as bruxism. While people can grind their teeth without experiencing any adverse symptoms or problems, the regular and persistent grinding of the teeth can cause pain and discomfort in the jaw – as well as wearing down the teeth.

Custom fit Teeth Grinding Guard

 For those struggling with any aspect of teeth grinding, our range of custom fit teeth grinding guards or night guards will provide maximum protection and the ultimate comfort in cases of teeth grinding or clenching. Thanks to our unique self-impression system you can now take your own dental impression without having to visit the dentist, saving your time and money. Simply complete your impression, return it to us and we’ll manufacture your custom made night guard.

 We have a variety of products available for upper or lower teeth suitable for different levels of grinding. Whether your problem is minimal to moderate or heavy to severe, we have the perfect mouth guard for teeth grinding here in our online store. When compared to equivalent products from your dental practice, you will find these prices will take all the stress away.

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