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How to take your impression

Once you’ve placed your order for one of our custom-fit dental products you’ll receive a self-impression kit in the post. Your kit will come with instructions included, but if you happen to misplace them, all you need to do is follow this step-by-step guide. After you have taken your impression, return it to us and we will manufacture and send out your custom-fit product within 7 – 12 working days. If you want it sooner then make sure you select the Express Service option.

PLEASE NOTE: The denLAB impression technique is not suitable for people who have had dental crowns or bridge work carried out or for those who are undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment. It is also not recommended for children under nine years of age and those who still have their milk teeth. If you have any loose teeth, you should wait until these particular teeth are no longer present before taking the impression. We also advise that children are supervised by adults while following this process so that a good impression can be achieved. The putty will need to be warmed up to room temperature before it is used (somewhere between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius).

If you have had crown or bridgework we will happily accept impressions from your dentist.

An approved high-grade dental impression material is used for the impression putty. Material safety data sheets are available upon request.

Upper Dental Impression

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    Pack Contents
    • Instruction guide
    • Impression trays
    • Impression putty (white and colour)
    • Impression medical bag
    • Return mailing bag
    • Freepost Label (orders over £100)
    Essential Requirements
    • A mirror can help you to take a good impression
    • Adult supervision of children taking impressions
  • 1

    Select the upper tray and take the two putties (one colour and one white) from the tubs before placing them in one of your hands.

    It is important to ensure that you wash your hands and ensure they are clean to prevent dust or dirt from coming into contact with the putties.
    For gumshields/mouthguards, additional putty is provided in case your first impression does not take very well.

  • 2

    The putties should be mixed together in your hands until they have blended into one uniform colour. Now, roll the putty into a sausage shape before placing it into the impression tray. Using your thumbs, carefully press the putty towards the outer edge of the tray until you can no longer see its blue edge.

    NB. In order to prevent premature setting, this stage must be completed within a minute.

  • 3

    Using a mirror for guidance, open your mouth as wide as you possibly can and with both hands insert the impression tray into your mouth.

    NB. It is important to make sure that teeth are aligned towards the centre of the putty.

    TIP - Ensure there is plenty of putty towards the front edges of the tray so both your teeth and gums are captured by the impression, before biting down as deep as you can.

  • 4

    Try to keep your top lip up and out of the way as you firmly push the tray straight upwards and into your teeth. This should be done until your teeth reach the bottom of the tray.

    Your lip can now be pulled over the wall of the tray as you close your mouth. Use your own suction ability to suck the putty tight to your gums and teeth. Using both hands keep the tray in place for two to three minutes.


    CAUTION - Do not push up, pull out and push back up again as this may result in an inaccurate impression.

  • 5

    After the three minutes have passed, gently rock the impression tray and pull down – but gently. Rinse the tray with cold water and allow it to dry naturally. Be very careful not to remove the putty from the tray.

    GOOD IMPRESSION - All of your teeth can now be seen clearly in the blue tray, while a deep outline of the gum above your teeth is also apparent.

    BAD IMPRESSION - If your teeth look stretched or distorted, the bite is shallow or no gum line is visible.

  • 6

    When you have your completed impression, simply place it in the medical bag enclosed within the impression kit and send it back to us along with all the items (used and unused). Remember to include your name, delivery address, date of birth and reference number when filling out the details on the medical bag and then post it to the address specified in your kit. If you have any problems, please get in touch with the denLAB Direct team on 01942 674770.

    If you are unsure please email a picture before sending

What to do if you make a mistake with your home impression

The denLAB Direct self-impression system is simple to use, but if you do make a mistake don’t worry. We have spare dental impression putty as well as spare home impression kits available in our online store.

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