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After Care Guides

Inserting and removing your product

  • Establish the correct path of insertion
  • Place the product over your teeth
  • Starting at the back, apply pressure until the product slips or clips into place
  • Always use two hands
  • If your product feels dry in your mouth apply a thin film of petroleum jelly
  • Starting at the back, gently tease the product from side to side to remove
  • Never twist or flex the product once it has been removed

Cleaning your dental products

  • Only wash in luke warm soapy water, with a toothbrush and toothpaste or for best results a denLAB approved anti-bacterial cleaning material.
  • Rinse well before and after use. Do not place in direct sunlight or in hot or boiling water.
  • Rinse your storage case out regularly.

Looking after your dental products

  • Do not let others use your custom fit product.
  • Keep away from pets as they are attracted to your saliva.
  • Do not trim, cut or alter as this will void your warranty
  • If it becomes loose, tight or uncomfortable, please do not use and contact us immediately.

Teeth Whitening

  • Try whitening the upper before the lower to notice a difference
  • Avoid highly coloured food and drink for the first three hours after removing the trays.
  • Avoid carbonated and acidic drinks throughout the whitening period, these may make your teeth more sensitive.
  • Some sensitivity is to be expected but will settle down after a short period of time.
  • It is advisable to use sensodyne toothpaste or re-mineralisation gel in your trays if you suffer sensitivity.
  • The process may take three weeks or even longer for very dark areas.
  • Make sure the whitening gel is kept refrigerated.
  • To maintain the whiteness we recommend you whiten your teeth for one hour every week or at your own comfortable level of consistency
  • A full guide to teeth whitening can be found here

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